#tech4covid19 Impact Report | Week 8 | 09.05.2020

Two months ago, most of the top startups in Portugal united to fight the new Coronavirus outbreak together.

This movement, now called #tech4covid19 (more details about it here: www.tech4covid19.org), has already more than 5469 volunteers (+109 since last update: 2 weeks ago) working on 72 initiatives (36 solid projects (+2 SLU) and 36 ideas under development) to beat the virus and the associated economic crisis.

There are already a large number of initiatives launched to the public generating real value to society.

Here you can find the impact reports from previous weeks:

And here you can find a new one for this week:

1) Rooms Against Covid (www.roomsagainstcovid.com)
Status: Active

A booking engine to allow health professionals to book free hotel/airbnb rooms, so they can keep their families safe when they need to rest. There are already 4120 rooms available in the platform (+182 SLU) and 689 matches done (+108 SLU), representing 13529 nights booked (+6090 SLU) / 9613 nights already used (+5889 SLU) / 129 full professional cleaning services (+76 SLU) provided.

This week this project got international! The Rooms Against Covid Brazil (www.roomsagainstcovid.com.br) was officially launched and is already helping health professionals locally.

2) Covidografia (www.covidografia.pt)
Status: Active

A crowd sourced app to track the epidemic evolution, allowing the public entities to see how the virus is spreading. It has already 66.069 users registered (+2.828 SLU), but we need many more to multiply its impact. Register, use it and spread the word now.

3) Crowdfunding to buy hospital supplies (www.stopcovid19.pt)
Status: Completed

A very successful crowdfunding campaign to buy supplies in shortage on healthcare centers. The initial objective of raising 100.000€ was crushed within the first days, leading to a stretch goal of 185.000€ to buy additional material. The campaign was closed on 03.04.2020 with an outstanding result: 6428 people donated 210.335€ (thank you!).

With that money we bought 106.000 masks FFP2, 2.168 masks FFP1, 2.168 glasses, 3.000 jumpsuits and 2.187 surgical gowns. 6.000 masks FFP2, 2.168 masks FFP1 and 2.168 glasses were already delivered to the following hospitals: Santa Maria, Garcia de Orta and São João; 3.000 jumpsuits and 2.187 surgical gowns were delivered this week to ARS Center; and the remaining 100.000 masks FFP2 are still waiting for the air transfer (coming from China).

4) Solidarity Auction to buy hospital supplies (www.esolidar.com/npo/detail/1484-stopcovid-19-tech4covid19/)
Status: Completed

The artist Carolina Piteira, the Portuguese Football League and the Rock in Rio festival got together to auction 10 amazing items. The sum of the winning bids led to 10.327€ being donated to the #tech4covid19 movement to buy hospital supplies.

5) Hospital Supplies
Status: Active

There are many projects running in parallel on this front: a) one team managing the procurement / purchase of new items, b) many teams producing locally new items, c) one team collecting donations and d) another team managing logistics to deliver everything fast. The current accumulated outcome already delivered to the health system is:

  • 170.000 gloves
  • 16.168 surgical masks (8.168 acquired via crowdfunding donations)
  • 14.000 shoe covers
  • 5.000 surgical caps
  • 3.000 jumpsuits (3.000 acquired via crowdfunding donations)
  • 2.187 surgical gowns (2.187 acquired via crowdfunding donations)
  • 2.168 glasses (2.168 acquired via crowdfunding donations)
  • 120 liters of alcohol

Some of those items were donated by institutions like a) Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (Núcleo Regional do Sul), b) Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, c) Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica and d) Centro de Investigação Ciências da Saúde da Universidade da Beira Interior. Thank you!

6) Online Medical Appointments
Status: Active

The startups Better Now, KNOK Healthcare, Zaask and the new project acalma.online gathered hundreds of health professionals to provide free online consultation on their platforms.

6.1) 432 free video-calls (+107 SLU) were provided by the 34 doctors using the KNOK Healthcare (www.knokcare.com) platform.

6.2) There were 6291 interaction with the chatbot provided by the Zaask (www.zaask.pt/coronavirus) platform. 1824 of those users showed covid19 symptoms leading to 894 free consultations provided by the 32 doctors registered in the platform.

6.3) The 98 psychologists (+0 SLU) available in the acalma.online platform made 467 free consultations (+238 SLU), out of 802 already booked (+351 SLU).

7) Homemed (www.homemed.pt)
Status: Active

In order to ensure your safety and comfort during the Covid-19 pandemic, the startup Homemed, in partnership with Senhas .pt, allows you to book your medicines online and collect them at the pharmacy at the time that is most convenient for you. There are already 9 pharmacies available (76 waiting for approval) and 23 purchases completed.

8) Wemoveit (www.wemoveit.pt)
Status: Active

If you need do move any kind of object from one location to other, the volunteers behind the wemoveit project can do it for you. So far the 51 “movers” available in the platform made 95 deliveries (+13 SLU) including the transportation of 420 meals for families in need (+220 SLU), boxes for solidarity projects, hospital materials and plenty of peer-to-peer packages.

9) Can I go? App (www.can-i-go.co.uk)
Status: Active

A “wisdom of the crowds”-based app to know if there is a long, small or no line in the supermarket or pharmacy that you want/need to go, so unwanted / unnecessary crowd gatherings can be avoided.

The app is available in Portugal (www.posso-ir.com), Spain (puedo-ir.es), UK (www.can-i-go.co.uk) and Slovakia (necakajvrade.com), counting already with 93.880 downloads/users, 65.489 locations listed and 22.0422 data reports.

10) Student Keep (www.studentkeep.org)
Status: Active

Students who do not have access to computers and / or the internet are unable to follow the online school activities currently proposed by teachers who try to teach at a distance. This project aims to promote and coordinate a sponsorship system, through which individual or corporate persons become Keepers, providing temporary or permanent computer equipment to students.

The project is growing at a very fast pace, counting already with 786 individual keepers (+206 SLU), 60 company keepers (+20 SLU) and 127 IT volunteers (+13 SLU) available to do any necessary refurbishments in the equipment donated. That community already delivered 396 equipment to students/schools (+313 SLU) with another 890 equipment being in transit or waiting refurbishment (+270 SLU).

The project gathered an amazing group of partners including BCSD, Beta-i, CM Ponta Delgada, EDP, Fundação Benfica, GRACE, Integer Consulting, IPN, Primavera BSS, See Tickets and Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation. Special props to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Bank Santander Consumer Finance that partnered with the project to produce the following TV announcement that is now actively promoting the initiative:

11) Preserve (www.preserve.pt)
Status: Active

A marketplace to allow local business like restaurants, hair dressers, and more to sell vouchers to be redeemed after the crisis. This simple measure aims to inject cash in local businesses helping them survive. We already sold 3154 vouchers (+1 959 SLU) representing 61.791€ delivered (+36.020€ SLU) to some of the 1443 local businesses registered (+506 SLU).

After announcing previously partnerships with L’Oreal (loreal.preserve.pt) and Super bock (bockinbusiness.preserve.pt), the Preserve team secured this week a partnership with insurance giant Ageas, through a Portuguese startup called Keep Warranty, that insure every voucher sold, mitigating the risk of any lost money due to businesses closing due to Covid-19.

This week, they’ve also launched partnerships with MBWay (where every payment with MBWay gets 2€ extra on their voucher), energy provider Energia Simples and professional hair product supplier Cosmenatura.

12) TeamLoan (www.teamloan.pt)
Status: Active

A marketplace where commercial businesses can exchange / lend team members temporarily, in order to channel capacity to businesses with more demand in this context, minimizing unemployment and helping local businesses. It has 30 businesses formally registered (+23 SLU), 9 teams (+6 SLU) available for hiring representing 32 people (+24 SLU). The ability to publish requests for teams was launched last night and the first request was already published.

13) Tools for Doctors
Status: Active

The “Scientific Information to Support Physicians” project (www.icam.org.pt) and the TonicApp startup (www.tonicapp.com) are providing scientific data and tools for doctors. The ICAM project team already reviewed / published 133 scientific papers (+10 SLU) and launched this week a weekly digest newsletter service.

14) Place Checkup (www.placecheckup.com)
Status: Soft-launching

The COVID-19 pandemic made many of our daily routines change drastically. Booking a hotel room, shopping at a supermarket or going to your local bank agency now demands a lot more trust and information than it used to. Under this new rule, it’s essential to know if the place you want to visit is safe before going through the door.

That is why the startup Infraspeak joined forces with the tech4covid19 movement to launch Place Checkup — a free platform that allows any location owner / facility manager in the world to manage and give visibility to their customers about the execution of COVID-19 preventive routines.

It was just a soft-launch focused on the location owner / facility manager (B2B) side, but there were already 77 badges generated! Soon it will be launched a cool set of features to the general public (B2C) side. Stay tuned and check out the promotion video:

15) Tools4Edu, Animalar, Hackathon by Taikai, Covindex, Interajuda, Covid+Eu, Quietinho em Casa, Mobility 4 Healthcare, Industrycare, naFila and many other projects are also already available online, and many more will come.

Props also to the task forces working to support / enable all the projects in areas such as Talent sourcing/management, Marketing, Funding, Partnerships, Sponsorships, Legal, Project Management, DevOps and Government Relations.

Talking about partnerships, it’s important to highlight that 15+ companies and institutions like the AEP, AMEN .pt, AWS, Bytalk, CTT, Dominios .pt, DNS .pt, Google, invoicexpress, Mailchimp, McDonalds, Microsoft, Moneris, NOS, Portuguese Nurses’ Order, Portuguese Pharmacists’ Order, Slack, Superbock, TypeForm, Uber, and many others already joined the movement as partners or supporters. Thank you!

Let’s keep finding solutions faster than the virus spreads.

Let’s keep fighting together to beat this virus.


Co-founder/CEO of Infraspeak. Co-founder of Founders Founders. Be source of good life.